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    Guide to Maryland House Detox Center in Linthicum Maryland

    Maryland House Detox Program Overview

    Maryland House Detox prides itself as the first and only comprehensive detox center in the state. It brings quality treatment for many people in the area. They help you in taking that first step toward sobriety by providing a convenient location and comfortable facility. All aspects of their detox center were planned and developed with your outstanding recovery in mind. Their spacious rooms and their full staff of caring medical professionals will certainly accommodate you all throughout the entire process.

    Maryland House Alcohol Detox

    Rehab Process

    Alcohol rehab generally follows the same path as other addictions of substances. The process starts with medical detox and then the patient moves into residential (inpatient) or outpatient treatment.


    This is the first step in alcohol rehab. Medical detoxification (or detox) is extremely significant when it comes to determining whether or not treatment is successful or not. Detox can be the most difficult for many as this is the first step that needs to be taken.

    The purpose of detox is to take down all substance residue and toxins from the patient’s body, over the course of five to seven days. Through the process of gradual decreasing of alcohol as well as professionally administering the medications, medical detox can effectively cleanse the body of any alcohol and prepare it for the next level of treatment.

    At Maryland House Detox, they offer specialized treatment that is not just effective on clearing the body of any toxins or residue, but is also practical for long-term sobriety.

    Inpatient and Residential

    For more severe and long-term addictions, the next step after detox would be inpatient treatment. Inpatient simply is when a patient lives on-site and engages in addiction therapy daily. They understand that you can find it hard to live in your current environment. You can be triggered even on the mere sight of a bottle of alcohol. So to avoid these situations, they recommend the inpatient program. Residential treatment is a different kind of inpatient treatment. Some treatments focus on physical dependence and medications like intensive inpatient. However, residential treatment explores psychological dependence and reasons behind a patient’s addiction.

    Residential treatment is usually longer than intensive inpatient, but it is more laidback and the atmosphere is hotel-like.There are fewer doctors supervising you, and there is less amount of time required per week dedicated to therapy.


    Outpatient treatment programs are more suited for severe addictions. They’re quick, clean, and effective. This is perfect for patients that struggle with severe addiction, but with a steady living environment at home. The patient can still work around their responsibilities at home or at school while the program sets a schedule for them to undergo treatment at a facility. The patient will return home after allotting a few hours each day for the treatment.

    This outpatient care gives the patient more freedom and access to support from friends and family, which can easily help for the success of sobriety rather than relapse. Engaging in outpatient care also teaches the patient how to practice relapse prevention for himself so that after treatment, the patient will continue to stay sober.

    Why Maryland House Detox?

    At Maryland House Detox, they stand out because of their client-first approach to addiction treatment. They make sure their patients always come first. They believe that every addiction is a new case and it should be treated independently. When it comes to alcohol addiction treatment, the serious withdrawal symptoms mean that there is unquestionably no room to cut corners.

    Maryland House Drug Detox

    Medical detoxification (detox) is one of the most important steps in treating addiction and it is the first step in drug rehabilitation process. Detox removes all residue and leftover toxins from previous substance abuse. By slowly tapering off of a substance and substituting the abused substance with a properly-administered medication, a doctor can extinguish the substance dependence in a patient.

    The patient’s brain will become chemically unbalanced with the removal of all substance and substance residue. As a result, the patient may become physically and mentally ill due to the side effects associated with substance detox. These withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and they can sometimes be fatal. Medical detox is designed to help ease the withdrawal symptoms and ensure the client’s comfort. By providing an exceptional professional team and the appropriate medications, professional treatment facilities must ensure the safety of detox.

    The staff of Maryland House Detox staff is made up of physicians, nurses, and doctors, who offer 24-7 medical supervision and service to the patient. Upon arrival, the patient is evaluated and diagnosed by their team members to decide which steps to take in treatment. This includes the formulation of an individualized detox plan that’s specially designed to avoid withdrawal symptoms. This specialized detox plan is also the most effective in long-term relapse prevention.

    Maryland House Benzo Detox

    Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment

    Benzodiazepine addiction treatment typically starts with a medical detox. Benzos are one of a few addictive drugs that can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. If you have developed a dependence on this drug, medical detox is the safest way to avoid or prepare for possible delirium tremens and seizures.

    After detox, you may still have cravings that endanger your sobriety. Continuous care is the best relapse prevention strategy. Continually seeking recovery can help you ensure lifetime of sobriety. Addiction treatment like residential (inpatient) and outpatient treatment can offer behavioral therapies, group therapy, and family therapy that will not only show you how to deal with cravings but they will also address the deeper issues that may have contributed to your addiction.

    Once you’ve completed a treatment program, alumni and aftercare programs can help you ensure your sobriety. Through their special programs, you can connect to a wider community of people in recovery that can encourage you along the way. The process is much easier when you’re with these people who share your commitment to a drug-free lifestyle.

    Benzodiazepine abuse comes with dangerous withdrawals and there’s also the threat of a deadly overdose. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, getting help from caring and medical professionals could save your life. Call Maryland House Detox at 855-969-8748 or contact them online for a free assessment and consultation and to learn more about what you can do to start your first steps of freedom from addiction. They provide a treatment program specially tailored for you so you can start a path to long-term recovery.

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