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    Guide to Avalon Malibu in Malibu California

    Avalon Malibu Detox Program Overview

    Avalon Malibu is a world-renowned, licensed mental health treatment and addiction rehab center that is exclusive to Southern California. Their homes were designed to build an environment rooted in hospitality, respect, and elegance. Their evidence-based mental health therapies and addiction treatments are the best example of comprehensive care all supported by an incorporation of mind, body, and spirit wellness. Avalon holds true to a standard of care that offers their clients the well-rounded support they need to achieve success in therapy for lifetime recovery. Many of the clients they treat at Avalon Malibu have had little success elsewhere but come to them as the beginning of their first steps into effective, lasting freedom.

    With breathtaking grounds and ocean view, Avalon Malibu offers a place which provides a nurturing and therapeutic environment. Clients are encouraged to participate actively in throughout the process of their recovery. Their committed addiction and mental health staff are well-trained on the emphasis of individual support that is carried throughout the program. This is part of their dedication to building nurturing relationships as they treat clients as family. Avalon Malibu takes pride of their beautiful inpatient care homes, the Grand House and the Cottage House, that give clients the access to every possible method of care that individually suits them.

    Avalon Malibu Alcohol Detox Program

    When a client first arrives at Avalon Malibu for alcohol addiction treatment, they are assessed and placed into detox if it is required. This is the first and often the most difficult step of alcohol treatment. You will start an individualized and medically supervised alcohol detox program where you are monitored 24/7 for safety, comfort and the reduction of withdrawal symptoms.The clients are closely supervised by medical professionals while their minds and bodies adjust to life without alcohol. During this period, uncomfortable and painful physical and psychological symptoms often occur. Most often, medications are prescribed initially to manage symptoms of alcohol abuse and addiction and minimize discomfort associated with withdrawal. Avalon Malibu also focuses on helping you heal through natural means like a nutritious diet and exercise routine — they know that these methods are more sustainable than medication, and their goal is to equip their clients with long-lasting tools rather than short-term solutions.

    Avalon Malibu Drug Detox Program

    Drug detoxification is the first step in recovery from drug addiction, yet fear of withdrawal usually hampers the recovery process. Avalon Malibu in California assists clients in drug detox and help them overcome their fear, safely and comfortably. Their detox facility has private, mostly single rooms that are beautifully selected. Avalon is the only treatment and rehabilitation center in Malibu that has direct access to the beach and serene Pacific Ocean.

    When a client arrives in their drug detox program, the professional and caring staff will provide a full medical assessment to confirm the need for detox. If detox is needed, you will begin a personalized and medically supervised drug detox program where you are monitored 24/7 for safety, comfort and the alleviation of withdrawal symptoms. Their substance abuse detoxification treatment programs keep their clients safe and comfortable as they withdraw from drug dependency. Avalon Malibu specializes in the detox of many dangerous substances such as cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, club drugs, etc.

    Avalon Malibu integrates detox with a holistic approach that considers anger and stress management, employment skills, and other tools to impart well-being of the individual. Their dietitians and therapists work together to strategically plan a specific program for each of their clients. Diet and exercise play an essential role in the healing and recovery process at Avalon Malibu. Because drug and alcohol addiction often causes malnutrition, and tissues can become uneasy during withdrawal, good nutrition is highly important throughout the detoxification process. As part of their holistic treatment plan, Avalon Malibu provides a diverse menu of nutritionally balanced meals and snacks in order to fight malnutrition. They recognize the need to eliminate the client’s exposure to all toxic substances and introduce foods that aids detoxification and support healing.

    Avalon Malibu also offers counseling with licensed and experienced therapists. Avalon Malibu’s one-on-one, group and family therapy, as well as community-based resources and referrals such as self-help groups, help clients improve their relationships and their ability to function in the society. Avalon’s treatment provide each patient the tools and resources they need to achieve lifelong sobriety.

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