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    Guide to Alina Lodge

    All about Alina Lodge

    Established in 1957, Alina Lodge is recognized to be one of the leading residential treatment facility in adult substance abuse. Headed by Little Hill Foundation, a nonprofit organization, Alina Lodge aims to promote detoxification and long-term rehabilitation for adults and their family through quality and cost effective treatments alongside with their professional staff of licensed, Master’s level clinicians, certified counselors, physicians, and nurses.


    The guarantee of expectation begins with clear certainties. Self-restraint, responsibility and the capacity to settle on dependable decisions are viewed as basic for an effective recuperation. Our organized methodology is emphatically founded on the 12 stages of AA and is intended to help our customers effectively build up these advantages. To this end, the general population in home are alluded to as understudies since they are here to learn and carry on with another life in moderation. Our understudies are constantly treated with the most extreme pride and regard.

    The instruction got through addresses, one-on-one advising and gathering treatment imparts mindfulness in every understudy of their habit and how to adapt to life on life’s terms. Pride and the advancement of a solid mental self-portrait are seen as fundamental to recuperation. Accentuation is put on creating thorough self-trustworthiness and learning proper self-care abilities. Enthusiasm for appearance and prosperity is cultivated with a reasonable eating routine and exercise.

    At Alina Lodge we trust liquor addiction is a constant, dynamic, conceivably deadly ailment that is profoundly treatable. With adequate structure, backing, and time in forbearance, we realize that recuperation is conceivable. We trust it is a family illness too. The individuals who are identified with a heavy drinker/artificially dependent individual frequently experience indistinguishable crippling side effects from the alcoholic/someone who is addicted.

    Many people from varying backgrounds, occupations, ethnic foundations, and conviction frameworks have started their adventure to constant, profitable, effective collectedness with us for as far back as 63 years. Recuperation starts with a lot of diligent work on the understudy’s part, learning the genuine idea of the malady while creating self-acknowledgment.

    Scholarship Program

    Alina Lodge spares lives. We like to do that with as meager budgetary expense to the family as could be allowed. In the event that a family comes up short on assets before the understudy is considered prepared for release, we will do our absolute best to give a rebate or offer grant assets on a case by case premise. Your commitment to the Scholarship Fund will help this critical bit of our main goal.

    Admissions: Residential Treatment

    Alina Lodge is devoted to ensure a seamless and confidential admission process. Which is comprised of a pre-admission assessment that is required to collect all medical and clinical information. Concerns that regards about transportation, financial arrangements and insurance verifications will be personally answered. The team will guide you through every step of the admission process. Once the admission process is done, detoxification is the first step. Alina Lodge’s Detoxification Unit is medically staffed 24 hours a day with Certified Physicians and Registered Nurses. This phase assures that the individual safely overcomes the physical effects of alcohol and/or drug withdrawal. Once detox completed, the student is them ready to begin recovery and rehabilitation. The staff will help you in the process and provide full continuum of care for you and your loved one.

    The actual length of stay is fully dependent to the progress of the individual during the treatment. All students come with different needs and problems, therefore making the length of stay vary depending on each individual’s progress towards specific clinical goals. The average stay ranges between six to nine months.

    Getting started with Detox

    Detoxification is the process of removing alcohol or other drugs in your body while overcoming the effects of withdrawal in a medically supervised setting. Like stated above, Alina Lodge’s Detoxification Unit has its medical staffs on duty 24 hours a day. The team is dedicated in assuring our clients are safe emotionally, physically, and psychologically making sure that their needs are tended by the on duty medical professional. The length of and individual’s detoxification can determined by the amount of substance used and the span of time that the person has been using the said substance. This phase includes a thorough assessment of an individual, making sure that he/she safely overcomes the physical effect of alcohol and drug withdrawal.

    Long term treatments

    Alina Lodge offers long term treatment for alcoholism and chemical addiction. Time is always dependent upon the individual’s progress on the treatment.

    It takes time for an individual to heal their brain functions and nervous system, to develop new mental habits, to heal their relationship with their family, and to practice new life skills. As soon as a client is admitted, they will be learning ways on how to live a new and sober life, free from alcohol and drugs. Alina Lodge puts an emphasis on healing the “whole” person. Spirituality, exercise, and nutrition are all part of the important aspect of our programs. We offer an equipped exercise room, meditation, yoga, religious services of many denominations, and a certified nutritionist to maintain an optimum and healthy body.

    Family Programs

    Alina Lodge offers a broad clinical program committed to supporting families all through the recuperation procedure. We urge friends and family to play a functioning job in their very own recuperation. Our program is explicitly intended to encourage recuperating inside the whole family framework.

    Our Residential Family Program is accessible to close relatives beyond 13 years old. Members are associated with an organized program which incorporates instructive introductions concerning the infection of liquor addiction; backing and comprehension picked up in little gathering exchange; singular meeting time intended to address individual issues; and a prologue to Al-Anon family bunches which are suggested for proceeding with help. We unequivocally urge friends and family to take part in the family program.

    Continuum of Care

    Result ponders demonstrate that the more extended people and families are occupied with treatment the more probable they are to stay calm. Alina Lodge trusts that customers/understudies need a continuum of consideration that hardens their long haul commitment in treatment.

    Our clinical staff gives release wanting to people at both a national and nearby dimension. We cooperate with projects and experts that offer the best clinical and progressing support for our customers and their families.

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