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    Guide to Beachway Therapy Center in Boynton Beach Florida

    Beachway Therapy Center Detox Program Overview

    Beachway provides a continuum of care, from PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) to Outpatient services, and offers a fully individualized treatment plan that meets the clinical and medical needs of each client. The length of stay will vary for each client. Typically, clients stay between 30 and 90 days, depending on an individualized basis. By providing an extremely low client to therapist ratio they can identify and address underlying, co-occurring disorders. Beachway’s professional supervision help clients to start recoverin in a safe, residential-like environment.

    Their holistic approach includes fitness, nutrition, yoga, acupuncture, and spirituality, as well as music, art, drama and equine therapy to heal body, mind and spirit. Beachway also offers psycho-educational groups and counseling to assist you in gaining the knowledge you need to overcome your disease. Your therapist will work together with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that is specifically structured to meet your needs and desires and their medical and psychiatric team will provide the ongoing, round the clock medical support you may need for any co-occurring physical and mental health issues.

    Beachway Therapy Center is accredited by both The Joint Commission and CARF, which ensure that they meet the highest standards in the industry. Beachway is regulated by the Department of Children and Families in the State of Florida, and continuously exceeds the standards required by the State. Their clients can rest assured that they are getting the best care available. Clients that have been to multiple treatment centers prior to coming to Beachway can assure that Beachway is the best they have ever been to and the ratings back this up.

    Beachway Therapy Center Alcohol Detox Program

    Recovery begins with a medical detox to safely purge the body of alcohol and illicit substances.  Beachway offers the First Step Detox, a licensed and accredited program with a long-standing reputation and therapists that are highly reviewed. Beachway’s success rate and experience are the reasons why it is the last treatment center for many clients. They provide a continuum of care and step-down programs that help you sustain a fulfilling life in recovery.

    Their alcohol detox center provides a supportive environment where patients can begin a solid foundation to sobriety. Beachway’s FIRST STEP inpatient alcohol detox program takes patients out of their toxic environment, where triggers and temptations to drink can hinder early recovery. This program gives patients the support and care they need to stop drinking—along with amenities to treat their physical symptoms.

    You’ll have access to medical care, and activities that help you focus on your health and well-being. During that time they educate you to:

    • Address the root cause of your addition
    • Manage stress
    • Understand triggers that contribute to your addiction
    • Improve self-esteem
    • Control impulses and behaviors
    • Identify family dynamics that may play into your addiction

    Following inpatient treatment, Beachway supports you with an aftercare program that may involve providing a sober living environment. They continue your recovery process through group therapy, alumni services and regular check-ins.

    Beachway Therapy Center Drug Detox Program

    Inpatient medical detox is the first phase of Beachway’s program. Before a person begins treatment, Beachway conducts a thorough assessment that includes addressing your current physical and mental health. This way, their medical and therapy staff can prescribe medications, if necessary, and begin creating an individualized, long-term recovery plan.

    Beachway has successfully treated thousands of individuals suffering from opioid addiction, potentially saving them from serious injury or even death. Providing more than simply detox to get the drugs out of the system, they also offer the medical support to get clean safely, the therapy to address triggers and the root cause of addiction, and give you the tools to live a sober, healthy, and happy life. Drug detoxification does not treat drug dependence, but it is the first step toward recovery. Beachway has successfully treated individuals suffering from addiction to substances including such as opium and opiates, heroin, cocaine, prescription medications and fentanyl.

    When the physical symptoms are so severe, there are some medications that can minimize the withdrawal side effects. Beachway’s medical staff is on call 24/7 to ensure a safe, successful detox and can prescribe medications if necessary. For example, those who are detoxing from heroin or opiates might be given buprenorphine and methadone to curb cravings, alleviate side effects and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Detox is the gateway to recovery, but it can be the reason for relapse when the process is not carefully supervised in a safe, comfortable environment staffed with experienced professionals. Beachway is focused in your recovery, and the first step is a safe detoxification.

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