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    Guide to A New Beginning

    About A New Beginning

    A New Beginning is found at the center of The Shoals in Northwest Alabama. It is affiliated with numerous church communities as well as scholarships, pledges, and donations. It is a recovery facility for women and had already helped many people in their recovery and towards a better life. The community in A New Beginning aims to provide a great environment that is filled with love and care that is safe for the patients. The facility ensures that all the needed resources that are vital to the recovery of the patients are provided. The program may last from six months to a year. Upon graduation, the patients would already be prepared in their journey towards living a life that is drug-free and sober.

    The Process

    A New Beginning is located mainly on Helton Court. Patients or clients are advised to stay here for a month or so in their sobriety process. Here, community activities such as regular exercise, yoga classes, parenting classes, character building & life skill classes are being done. Helton Court is located just near the areCA where most of our clients begin their sessions and meetings that is beneficial to their stabilization and recovery. Here, patients learn how to support and help each other. They do chores, attend therapy sessions together and such. All the patients also have access to the parenting class of the Community Action as well as the YMCA.

    Another location would be Country Living which is found 10 miles away from Florence. In here, most patients look for employment and they work with a sponsor to help them get access to outside sources like Vocational Rehab and Easter Seals. This will help them become employed and improve their educational knowledge. A pool is also available in this location.


    A New Beginning offers a program that is designed for long term recovery. The program helps women to understand how to live a drug-free life and help them towards recovery and avoiding the chances of returning to drug and alcohol dependency. The program follows the principles in the 12 steps and revolves around honesty to help the patients transition into normal life. The program is specifically designed to the needs of each individual base on evaluation. The facility understands that each patient have their own unique needs different from one another and so programs are designed in a way that it would help speed up the patient’s recovery. The program includes 12 step meetings, 24/7 consultation time for certified counselors on addiction, 16 week certified parenting classes, job skills training to help them get a job and contribute to the nation’s workforce, and free YMCA membership.

    The facility continuously works with the community to provide the best service it can provide to help the patients in their path towards recovery from addiction. It is the facility’s aim to help them return to a life of sobriety and become a great help to society once they had come back to their normal life.


    The fee for the program is $700 per month as well as a one-time admission fee that can be paid with cash or money order worth $300. If the patient wants to reserve a bed, the admission fee payment of $300 is needed to be paid. After the admission of the payment, the $700 program will be due. Some of the expenses that the patient may spend on are drug screens which are $20, and AA Book and 12&12 which is worth $10 each.  The facility accepts different cards use for payment such as Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards which has a 5% processing charge.

    Change starts from the patient’s mentality of wanting to help herself. An open mind and willingness to change are vital in the success of the recovery and the goal of living a better life. The patient will need to bring the following during her stay. This includes 10 days worth of casual outfits, socks, bras, pajamas, panties as well as hangers, 4 outfits to be used for meetings and the shorts must be as low as your fingertips when arms are held down, 3-4 pairs of shoes, a swimsuit, toiletry, grooming items, notebook, folder, paper, pens, journals, envelopes and stamps so that the patient will be able to write letters for their family, friends or any loved ones, medications, first aid kit, IDs such as a driver’s license, government issued ID, Social Security card, or health insurance cards, as well as pocket money, towels, laundry basket, alarm clock, laundry detergent and the personal items you would like to bring like picture frames, blankets and such. The patient must also bring their personal pillow and pillowcase as it would not be provided. Bring also the payment for the program and admission as well as the drug test. Admissions must be done before 2 pm during weekdays. Admissions are not possible on weekends and must wait for the next business day. Cellphones, beepers, computers, laptops, or other electronics, any high-value items, dangerous weapons such as knives, guns, knuckles and illegal substances such as drugs, alcohol and other paraphernalia are not allowed in the facility.


    The facility is lead by Lucie Bowen who acts as the Executive Director. She is a Certified Addictions Professional and has an international certification on alcohol and drug counseling. She is equipped with more than 18 years of experience as an addiction therapist and had already dealt with numerous clients. She has a passion for helping which stems from her personal experience with family and friends and even lives on-site to focus on the patients who are being admitted. Being such a great role model to other employees working in the facility, patients are assured that they are in good hands as any business institution is a reflection of who leads them in their mission and goals. Lucie’s dedication and hard work had brought A New Beginning to what it is now and continuously growing the program to what it is today.

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