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    Guide to 12 Keys Rehab in Jensen Beach Florida

    12 Keys Rehab Detox Program Overview

    12 Keys Rehab is a private, dual-diagnosis drug & alcohol treatment center situated on 10 waterfront acres of Jensen Beach, Florida. When you arrive at 12 Keys Rehab, you’ll be greeted by their caring staff. They will gather some basic information for their records. A doctor may examine you to determine where to begin treatment. If required, you’ll begin a professionally supervised detox. They will help your body detox as comfortable as possible.

    After detox, you’ll work with a staff member to create a treatment plan based on your unique recovery needs. Throughout your recovery, you’ll have access to technology so you can keep in touch with family and friends. Visitors are also welcome. Each day, you will engage in a variety of activities to help you gain new skills to support your recovery. There are physical activities to heal your body, including exercise and gym time. You’ll participate in group sessions, individual counseling and 12-step meetings to explore the many aspects of addiction and recovery. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your free time, too. You can go deep sea fishing or horseback riding. You can practice yoga. You can also enjoy your time for private reflection by taking a long walk or reading a good book on the deck.

    More importantly, someone is always available to speak with when you’re facing cravings or feelings you’re having trouble at handling. Almost all of them at 12 Keys are recovered addicts — they know and understand what you’re feeling. You’re not alone in this fight anymore. Help is always available so call 844-551-7016 for a free personal consultation.

    12 Keys Rehab Alcohol Detox Program

    Someone who is struggling with alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, can find that it is almost impossible to stop drinking on their own due to a mix of unresolved emotional issues, overpowering cravings, and the fear of withdrawal symptoms related with detox. Getting help and detoxing may be seemingly distressing but it can be a life-saver if done under the care of medical professionals. At Florida alcohol detox center, you will certainly receive everything that you need to complete detox successfully. You will benefit from professional attention and support, and from medications that can help make detox much more comfortable.

    Someone who is detoxing from alcohol may be prescribed with a medication similar to that being given to a person detoxing from heroin. That medication can be included into a client’s overall treatment plan to help improve his or her recovery experience and chances of maintaining lifelong recovery. 12 Keys Rehab commonly uses the following medications for alcohol detox: ReVia (naltrexone), Campral (acamprosate), and Antabuse (disulfiram).

    Each individual will have a unique way of experiencing the detox process. One client may only spend a few days detoxing, while another client may experience symptoms for one week or longer. Going through detox at 12 Keys’ Florida alcohol detox center, whether done for safety purposes or to provide mental clarity, can be the very best first step that you can take. They provide careful medical supervision and precise expertise so the detox program can be safe and effective for their clients. 12 Keys’ Florida alcohol detox center offers a holistic detox program that provides support for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of each one of their clients. So, if you think that you or your loved one may have a problem with alcohol and believe that Florida alcohol detox center can help, please call their professional team right now at 844-551-7016.

    12 Keys Rehab Drug Detox Program

    A drug detox center in South Florida is the first step to a successful recovery for many. There are various stages to drug detox, and the length depends on your individual needs. 12 Keys’ Florida drug detox is medically assisted, which means a medical professional will be by your side throughout your withdrawal process.

    In most cases, people suffering from drug addiction have to go through detoxification as part of their treatment program. This is a way to rid all of the chemicals from their system and ensure they are physically stable enough to enter the rest of the rehabilitation process.

    In order for a drug detox in South Florida to be safe and effective, they make sure to provide careful medical supervision. At 12 Keys drug detox, they offer a holistic program that provides support for both the physical and emotional needs of their clients. However, detoxing from drugs is not enough. It is only a part of an overall treatment program to secure your successful recovery.

    The length of your stay for drug detox will vary depending on the drug and the severity of your addiction. Drug detox may last from a few days to a few weeks. The average detox time is about 1 week, but this all depends on you and your specific needs for successful recovery. Their drug detox in South Florida takes place under the watchful, compassionate care of the staff members – many of whom have been through detox themselves. They are led by Dr. Victor Balta, a Board Certified neurologist and psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in addiction medicine. You’ll have a clean, comfortable and private room. They believe drug detox is about starting on the path to wellness of the mind and body. With good nutritious food, plenty of rest, appropriate medical treatment and caring people to talk to, you’ll find that detox is just the first step along the solid path to recovery. Help is always available so call this 844-551-7016 for a free personal consultation for yourself or a loved one.

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