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    Guide to The Recovery House in Albuquerque New Mexico

    The Recovery House Detox Program Overview

    The Recovery House is a private residential facility located in the heart of scenic Albuquerque, under the majestic Sandia Mountains. They provide a tranquil and serene environment that promotes healing. They remove you from all negative vibes, influence, and toxic environments, while providing an exceptional experience in a social setting. They’ve created a unique method called the 3-pillar concept that detoxifies your body, heals and elevates your mind, and uplifts your spirits and soul. They recognize that in order to achieve a balanced life, all these three areas need to be stabilized.

    The Recovery House is dedicated to address and cure the symptoms of drug and alcohol-related addictions and prevent relapsing. They have multicultural team of experts that offer a proven, evidence-based treatment program focused on social healing and resolving underlying issues resulting in alcohol and drug addiction. Their program was developed by a team of experts, some of them recovered addicts themselves, with decades of experience. They are highly skilled and specialized professionals. The Recovery House was founded with the home in mind. They treat their clients as family as they provide warm, accepting, guiding and loving service. They work with their clients as they fight addiction together. You can reach them at 1-888-790-8206

    The Recovery House Alcohol Detox Program

    The alcohol treatment process usually includes detoxification, therapy, medications and maintenance of sobriety. Upon entering alcohol rehabilitation, medical staff will assess your personal situation and design a program that is unique to you. This will likely include a physical exam, a urinalysis drug test, a psychological screening and an assessment of personal circumstances. Its goal is to understand the extent of alcohol abuse and to create a program that will help you to succeed.

    Then, the client will undergo alcohol detox if necessary. Alcohol withdrawal typically begins 3-5 hours after the last drink, but may not require anything more than medical supervision. During the detox period, you will be closely monitored by the medical staff 24-7 to ensure that the withdrawal is not complicated or dangerous. In extreme cases of alcohol withdrawal, medication may be necessary to prevent or treat seizures or DTs (delirium tremens).

    They also offer individual counseling/therapy and group treatments. During this phase, you work with an alcohol counselor to address your current mental and emotional condition and understand where the underlying issues of your addiction. Then, you can start to make behavioral and attitudinal changes to remain sober, prevent relapse, and start living a happy and healthy life. If you are dedicated – the chances for your alcohol rehab program to work increases and you can make significant steps towards lifelong sobriety.

    The Recovery House Drug Detox Program

    Drug rehabilitation, or drug rehab, is the process of treatment and recovery from drug abuse or addiction. Drug rehab programs, either inpatient or outpatient, provide services for treatment and counseling, as well as aftercare program referral. Medical detox programs can be a part of drug rehab.

    Medical detox is needed for people who have become physically dependent on their drug of choice. It is best to go through withdrawal under medical supervision so that you can receive medicines or support for uncomfortable and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. During medical detox from drugs, the medical staff will closely monitor the withdrawal symptoms that you experience. Medications may or may not be given and administered by staff to assist you with detox and withdrawal symptoms, depending on the severity of your condition. Drug rehab program staff will monitor and stabilize you around-the-clock during the process of detox. Medical detox is usually supervised by a medical doctor and shows best results when the next step of rehab follows immediately.

    Counseling is one of the most important phases of drug rehab. This essential phase includes an analysis of your mental and emotional condition in order to make positive changes in thinking, feeling and behavior to prevent relapse. Therapy is facilitated in group settings and one-on-one meetings that will be scheduled with an assigned therapist. Pharmacotherapy, or the use of prescription medications, will be based on the client’s individual need and may be started during medical detox. The decision about the use of medicines in the treatment of drug addiction is largely dependent upon the kind of drug abused, the severity of dependence, and the diagnosis of co-occurring disorders. For example, medications are available for opiate/opioid maintenance therapies, with for the purpose of reducing craving and interrupting physical dependence. Likewise, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications may be prescribed after long term use of stimulants.

    The patient is educated about drug use and its effects. Education empowers them to stay clean and maintain long-term sobriety as they rationally understand more about the brain and the body, and how they are related to drug use. Supportive services are also offered during drug rehab and can also be the final step of drug rehab. These services include attendance at support groups, counseling, and aftercare services.

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