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    Guide to The Raleigh House in Arvada Colorado

    The Raleigh House Detox Program Overview

    At The Raleigh House, their priority is the needs of their clients. Their clinical staff provides a high-quality care within a client-focused approach. They start the healing process by identifying addiction, trauma and other co-occurring disorders. Their substance abuse treatment program has different levels of care to meet the individual needs of their clients. You will move through these levels of care upon clinical recommendation and when appropriate. Their treatment program lays the solid foundation for lifelong recovery through systematic therapeutic activities, health and nutrition, examining underlying issues fueling the addiction, improving interpersonal relationships, and beginning to change unhealthy thought and behavior patterns.

    When you arrive at The Raleigh House, they assign a licensed, master’s level clinician who will be your primary therapist. You will also have many formal and informal interactions, group sessions, and individual sessions with other qualified staff members. Addiction treatment is unique for every individual. After your assessment, they’ll work with you to determine if medically-assisted treatment or non-medically assisted treatment is required. They use FDA-approved medications combined with therapy to help you overcome addiction. If non-medically assisted treatment is the better method for you, they leverage experiential treatment like mindfulness to help you successfully recover. Whether you need one or both of these treatments, their clinical staff will work with you to help you break free from addiction. The Raleigh House is a drug rehabilitation center with a holistic approach to addiction recovery, and they believe that it is crucial to address the whole person and any core issues that are fueling an addiction.

    The Raleigh House Alcohol Detox Program

    Detox is the first step towards recovery. By giving your body and brain time to purge of alcohol, you begin to rebalance the crucial brain chemistry to prepare you for an active engagement in alcohol addiction treatment sooner. The Raleigh House’s mission is to provide you with discreet, confidential and secluded detox services. They have a team of well-trained, highly educated and credentialed staff who will use a mix of clinical and 12-step approaches to help you detox as comfortable as possible. During treatment, they’ll use multiple philosophies, theories, interventions and methods that will help you work through the detox process.

    Because of alcohol’s severe and potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms, immediate medical attention is often required. At The Raleigh House, they can monitor and stabilize you in a safe environment with around-the-clock supervision. Their team may use medication to alleviate discomfort and provide safety, but will also use dietary supplementation to facilitate the recovery process. They start the alcohol detox process with a comprehensive medical assessment to determine your physical and mental condition. In some cases, they may recommend medication-assisted therapy to make your experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

    The Raleigh House Heroin Detox Program

    The Raleigh House knows you’re frustrated, especially if your heroin addiction started from a legal painkiller prescription. You may have found excuses to not go through detox and treatment in the past, or perhaps the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms worry you. That’s why The Raleigh House aims to help you ease those burdens, so healing can begin soon.

    The Raleigh House  has a team of licensed and credentialed staff who will use thorough assessments to determine the right treatment plan for you.Then they’ll use multiple philosophies, theories, interventions and methods, and a mix of clinical and 12-step approaches to help you work through the detox process. If needed, assistance from medications may be recommended in their comfortable, safe environment with 24-hour supervision to guide you through this crucial first step. Because heroin withdrawal can be very uncomfortable and scary, Suboxone may be used for a short period of time during the withdrawal process. Suboxone is a prescription medicine that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat adults who are dependent on opioids and heroin. Their team will also provide dietary supplementation to minimize the pains of the withdrawal process and offer additional nutritional assistance and craving reduction during the final stages of withdrawal. As part of your care, it is essential that you do the necessary medical lab work to evaluate and understand your overall health. They help you throughout this process to get the best treatment for you.

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