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    Guide to The Coleman Institute in Richmond Virginia

    The Coleman Institute Detox Program Overview

    The Coleman Institute is Virginia’s leading outpatient addiction treatment center since 1998. Their innovative withdrawal management programs have helped thousands of people break free from addiction to Opioids, Suboxone®, Methadone and Alcohol. More importantly, their detox program is combined with Naltrexone therapy and has helped many of their patients successfully recover. Founded in Richmond, Virginia, their network is continuously growing and has expanded to cover 12 cities across the U.S.

    It is under the direction of their founder and National Medical Director Dr. Peter Coleman and they have developed a number of unique, customized programs that help people detoxify and stabilize from the effects of opiates and alcohol in as few as three days. They’re proud to say that 98% of their patients successfully complete their detox.

    The Coleman Institute Alcohol Detox Program

    If you’re struggling with alcoholism, it is not recommended to try quitting on your own. Serious withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and deadly which make self-detoxing both challenging and risky. At The Coleman Institute, they take these risks seriously and want to treat your addiction as safely and as comfortably as possible. For these reasons, they’ve developed The Coleman Method for alcohol detox. It’s a safe method to restore brain and body function in an outpatient setting.

    The sustained use of alcohol deprives the brain of essential nutrients and, when left untreated, can lead to brain damage and seizures. The Coleman Method for alcohol detox starts by restoring the vitamins and minerals your brain needs, then they offer medication to keep you calm, comfortable and safe as the alcohol level in your blood drops. After a few hours of careful monitoring and supervision, you’ll be able to go home. For the next two days, you’ll return to their office regularly as you complete the detox process.

    Once your body is free of alcohol, they’ll help you begin your new life in recovery. In order to stay sober, they offer a comprehensive recovery program that could include Naltrexone Therapy to reduce cravings, individual counseling and/or a regular 12-step program.

    The Coleman Institute Heroin Detox Program

    If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. The Coleman Institute will be there to help you safely and quickly detox and give you the best possible chance of a lifelong recovery.

    The Coleman Method uses non-addictive drugs and sedatives to thoroughly remove the opiates attached to your brain receptors in the fastest, most comfortable way possible. Their Accelerated Opioid Detox takes as little as 3 days, requires no hospital stay, and avoids the awful experiences of self-detox that can last for weeks. Most importantly, supervised detox is a lot safer than attempting it on your own.

    Because this outpatient treatment only takes a few days, there’s very little disruption to your life. From there, you’re on the solid path to long-term recovery as quickly as possible.

    The Coleman Institute Benzo Detox Program

    The Coleman Institute is currently offering advanced medical treatment for addiction to benzodiazepines like Xanax®. Their comfortable, outpatient detox program helps patients reclaim their own lives in a safe and supportive environment.

    Dr. Coleman’s method for benzo detox includes using Flumazenil to expel the benzodiazepines out of your system as fast and as comfortably as possible. By using tapered doses of Flumazenil, many patients experience alleviated withdrawal symptoms.

    The best part is The Coleman Institute can help patients complete their detox in about eight days instead of spending months slowly and painfully tapering down your dosages. Once the detox is complete, their team works with you to treat any post-acute withdrawal symptoms and ensure that you’re on the solid path to complete recovery.

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