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    Guide to Summit Oaks Hospital

    Summit Oaks Hospital Overview

    Summit Oaks takes pride in offering quality service that always aims for excellence in the work they do. The hospital offers clinical programs and full care for children, adults, and adolescents. The hospital, for the past century, has been offering services for psychiatric and substance abuse and helping patients with their, behavioral, addiction and emotional problems. The best thing about this hospital is that the treatment that is offered continues until outpatient programs for substance abuse.

    The company understands that in order for a patient to recover fast, continuous assistance and care must be given. The hospital is always open 24/7. It even offers free assessments on anyone having mental health and addiction problems which will be kept confidential. In this company, relationships are an important thing to help patients in their recovery process. They would find friendship with the staff that works here as they will be treated like family. The hospital also ensures that the best practices are always used in treatments and done by professional medical staffs. The hospital specializes in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol, and drug detoxification as well as short-term rehabilitation.

    Summit Oaks Hospital has always been committed to providing treatment services for those who have psychiatric problems as well as on substance abuse. The institution always strives to give the most effective treatment and care they could give through the various programs they offer. The programs offer help for children with ages 5 to 12, adolescents from age 13 to 17 and adults who are 18 years old an older. The facility includes a hospital and an outpatient-counseling center which are beneficial to the patients who are admitted. The counseling center is one of the most important as this center helps patients especially those who have been addicted to substance abuse to never go back to their old way of life.


    Summit Oaks Hospital provides a 24/7 service. It is also open for free assessment which will be kept confidential. The staff of Summit Oaks is composed of therapists and nurses who have extensive knowledge in the medical field. They provide assistance and care for those with psychiatric, behavioral, drug and alcohol problems. Patients are assured that Summit Oaks could be trusted with their life for it has a license from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. It is also fully accredited by The Joint Commission.

    Programs and Services

    Summit Oaks Hospital has three types of Programs and Services which include Adult Inpatient, Child and Adolescent Inpatient, and Outpatient.

    1. Adult Inpatient

      This program is for those who have mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. The hospital would provide a safe environment as well as continuous supervision and assistance to the patients. The hospital also specializes in helping those who are suffering from substance use. They will be assisted in their detoxification process and rehabilitation. This will ensure their fast and full recovery. The programs for adult inpatient are comprehensive, intensive and therapeutic. Each patient is given the best possible service they can receive. The hospital is composed of a team of psychologists, nurses, masters-level clinicians, certified drug and alcohol counselor and therapists who will provide everyday support.

      The programs include psychiatric program, co-occurring program, drug and alcohol detoxification program both short-term and long-term, and smoking cessation program.

    2. Child and Adolescent Outpatient

      Summit Oaks Hospital offers inpatient treatment for those who are in the age of 5 to 17 years old. These would be those who have mental and behavioral health problems. In this treatment, the cooperation of parents is vital since family involvements are the most important aspect that will decide the speed of a child’s recovery. The hospital has experienced and licensed physicians who will lead the treatment of the children to help them in their medical, psychiatric, social or academic needs. The hospital ensures that the environment is safe and comfortable to encourage speedy recovery for the children. The hospital understands how hard it is to not be with your child while they are recovering and so the goal of the hospital is to stabilize the child as quickly as possible.

    The hospital has partnered with Brookfield Schools in order to provide academic support to students who are admitted in the hospital for the inpatient program. The partnered school is led by teachers who will keep the children on track with their lesson. This would greatly help the students to not get left behind in their school lessons. The hospital understands how important learning is in the early years of a child. A psychiatric program is offered as a program for child and adolescent inpatients.

    1. Outpatient Treatment

      Summit Oaks Hospital understands that each patient has their own unique needs different from everyone else. The institution ensures that comprehensive treatment and service are provided for the patients and according to their specific needs to fast-track their recovery. The hospital offers medication monitoring, psycho-education, family work, group therapy, and continuous communication even after the discharge. The hospital ensures that services for preventing relapse are also done right. The institution understands how hard it is to change one’s lifestyle and does everything it can to ensure that each individual’s goal of living a better life will be achieved and that they would be a part of that goal.

    Each individual’s needs are met through the partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs. The environment is made to be comfortable and made in a way it would help in the fast and efficient recovery of the patients. Most patients choose partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs after finishing the inpatient care program. The programs are lead by a team of counselors on drug and alcohol, social workers, professional medical staff or clinicians. These programs include Adult Psychiatric IOP Program Adult, Adult Co-Occurring IOP,

    Adult Drug & Alcohol IOP Programs, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). The treatment duration of each patient vary from one another which is why the hospital does evaluation and models the treatment plan according to the specific needs of every individual.

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