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    Summit detox is acknowledged to be a top detox program and service provider that integrates the use of the most advanced medical procedures and natural remedies that are proven to be effective in mitigating withdrawal symptoms. They also pride themselves in individualized programs and services to battle addiction. With their help, a person is guided towards his journey of sobriety through a one-on-one counseling and appropriate medical care.

    From alcohol dependence and addiction, substance addiction such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and heroin addiction and dependence are also given a solution to. Their medical facility is located in Boynton Beach, Florida and they cater to people 18 years old and above. They believe that a judgment-free, nurturing and a caring environment is what a person needs for a journey of healthy and productive living.

    With a healthy balance of stable detox procedures and natural remedies, a patient is sure to have the best of what Summit Detox can offer. The medically competent and naturally caring staff of Summit Detox makes sure that a patient is within the right mindset so that treatment is progressive.

    Their facility offers a gender-sensitive option, a diet filled with healthy choices, 12-step meetings that are conducted at night, and the unique chiropractic treatments for patients.

    Summit Detox believes in approaching a patient’s addiction through a holistic recovery, revolving around the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of the being. Since Summit Detox’s staff have experienced a life of chaos and loneliness that stemmed from their addiction, they understand a patient through first-hand encounters. This is another fundamental aspect that makes them stand out in terms of patient care and detox programs.


    Opiate Detox

    In a nutshell, opioids are a collective of highly-addictive substances that include street-bought drugs and prescription medication that is now harming a person. Common names and identification of these substances are:

    1. Morphine
    2. Heroin
    3. Codeine
    4. Oxycodone
    5. Hydrocodone
    6. Methadone
    7. Buprenorphine
    8. Fentanyl
    9. Meperidine (Demerol)

    Although these drugs have been used for medical purposes, some people have been highly addicted to it, thus, bringing more damage than healing to their bodies, more so, their brain.

    Detoxifying these addicted or dependent persons from this kind of substances would refer to the slow release or elimination of harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol from their system. It is inevitable from someone that is addicted to these opioids to undergo detoxification.

    There is a problem, however, when a person tries to minimize intake of opioids as the body has grown accustomed to its presence. These problems are what medical specialists would identify as, withdrawal symptoms. These so-called symptoms may include:

    1. Insomnia and sleep difficulties
    2. Muscle aches and discomfort in the body
    3. Intense anxiety and mental agitation
    4. Dilated pupils
    5. Loose bowel movement
    6. Stomach cramps
    7. Vomiting
    8. Nausea
    9. An intense craving for opioids


    Why The Need for Medically-Supervised Detox?

    People trying to halt their opioid addiction on their own will suffer severe consequences. Although some may proclaim that they did not experience any form of withdrawal, this is not the case for the majority of patients out there. If there is not a medical practitioner handling the case of a dependent, medical issues may spiral out of control. The effectiveness of the detoxification process also relies on medical intervention and supervision.

    Summit Detox’s Opioids Program

    Since Summit Detox prides themselves as a medical facility that tailors their program according to a patient’s needs, their process involves these three main steps.

    1. Careful physical examination and thorough evaluation for a new patient.
    2. Stabilization process focusing on the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the patient that results in an optimized detox process.
    3. A medical practitioner and expert prepare a tailored follow-up schedule and detox plan for inpatient or outpatient opioid dependents.

    Summit Detox provides comprehensive, unique and personalized care for all of the patients under their supervision. Aside from 24/7 patient monitoring, physical and psychotherapeutic support is given to each person to maximize the effects of the detox process and making sure that harmful substances have left the body. In addition to these approaches, medications can be given while considering the following key factors:

    1. Kind of opioid consumed by the patient
    2. How long the patient has been dependent/addicted to the opioid
    3. The state of a patient’s physical health
    4. The state of the patient’s mental health

    Summit Detox’s goal is to provide an effective treatment for all patients while establishing a long-term and effective opioid addiction recovery.

    Alcohol Detox

    Withdrawal Symptoms from an Abrupt Halt to Alcohol Consumption

    In the United States alone, a staggering 15 million individuals are addicted and even dependent on alcohol consumption. It is not advisable, in medical terms per se, that a person stops drinking alcohol instantly without the guidance of a medical practitioner or experts. This is where Summit Detox can help. If a person observes the following symptoms from a family member or a close friend, it might be helpful to let that person undergo a detoxification process.

    1. Depressed or anxious emotional state
    2. Abrupt mood swings
    3. Headaches, pupil dilation, and insomnia
    4. Hallucinations, and convulsions
    5. Heartbeat irregularities

    Why The Need for Medically-Supervised Detox?

    Yes, the willingness and the dedication of a person is not enough to stop alcohol addiction. The unpredictable outcome and body changes might be too much for the person to handle. Medical intervention and an effective detoxification process are needed as the first step towards sobriety.

    Summit Detox’s Alcohol Program

    Much like how the process for opioids detox program starts, it is the same. Evaluation, assessment, stabilization and follow-up care whether for inpatient or outpatient individuals. However, unlike opioid detoxification process, the alcohol program involves sedation provided that it is recommended or per the advice of a medical practitioner.


    For every patient or individual that goes inside the halls of Summit Detox, an admissions coordinator will be responsible for evaluating an individual’s insurance coverage, collecting payments (not covered by insurance), and coordinated travel from home to the facility (for date of admission).

    Summit Detox, Inc. Alcohol Detox

    Detoxification forms an important first step for anyone seeking to recover from alcohol addiction. Summit Detox’s alcohol detoxification program has principles that outline three basic steps in the detox process:

    • A detailed, personalized assessment of each client who joins the program
    • Physical and emotional/psychological stabilization specially designed to augment the potential for positive detox results
    • Preparation of each client for follow-up enrollment in an alcohol treatment program once detox is successfully completed

    Sedation is highly recognized by addiction specialists as the most effective method of minimizing some of the worst symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Summit provides this standard treatment with benzodiazepines and barbiturates, two groups of prescription sedative or tranquilizers only available to people under proper medical supervision. They also provide vital support such as basic medical monitoring, IV fluids and nutritional supplementation. They offer additional core program resources which includes counseling and psychotherapy. Several factors can affect the exact course of detoxification. These include:

    • The severity of your alcohol addiction
    • The length of time of your alcohol addiction
    • Your general level of physical well-being
    • Your general level of mental well-being

    No matter which specific steps you must take, their ultimate goal is to provide effective care that prepares you for long-term alcohol addiction recovery.

    Summit Detox, Inc. Heroin Detox

    Addiction specialists use the words detoxification and detox to describe the gradual removal of drugs or alcohol from the bloodstream. Everyone who is hoping to recover from heroin addcition can avoid going through this process.

    At Summit Detox, our opioid/opiate program is based on the most up-to-date guidelines for safe and effective detoxification. These guidelines break the process down into three phases:

    • A thorough, individualized evaluation of each new client
    • Stabilization of each client’s physical and emotional/psychological health in order to augment the benefits of detoxification
    • Preparation for follow-up enrollment in an appropriate inpatient or outpatient heroin treatment program once detox is completed successfully

    Their staff of medical experts and detoxification specialists will create a detailed, customized treatment plan for you or your loved one. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, it has important elements that include physical and psychotherapeutic support while detox proceeds and heroin leaves your system. You may also receive medications designed to minimize the effects of heroin withdrawal. They take into account these factors in all cases:

    • The length of time addiction has been present
    • Your current overall state of physical health
    • Your current overall state of mental health

    Their goal is to provide an effective treatment that establishes the basis for successful, ongoing heroin addiction recovery.

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