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    Guide to Sober Living By The Sea Treatment Center

    Sober Living By The Sea Overview

    Everyone looking to go back to living the normal life needs to be willing to help themselves. The hardest part would usually be deciding to start the process. The moment the individual decides to change with the purpose of helping himself, he or she would be on the path towards change. The first step would be picking up the phone and reaching out to the best treatment centers like Sober Living By The Sea that can help individuals achieve the goal they seek in life which is a drug-free life. Once, the call has been made, staffs in Sober Living By The Sea will guide the individuals throughout the process. The treatment center will ensure that each patient will receive the best care possible. Sober Living By The Sea is equipped with over 30 years of experience in helping people to reach their goal of living a normal life again. Sober Living By The Sea is recognized as one of the top ten in the world. Because of the reputation of this treatment center for its clinical excellence as well as effective treatment options, Forbes.com has named this treatment center among the Top 10 Luxury Rehab Centers for continuous years already. This center has also been named as one of the top workplaces in Orange County which proves that the staffs that work here love what they are doing and passionate about helping.

    Sober Living By The Sea has an admissions specialist and staffs who are experienced in their field and equipped with the necessary knowledge to carry out vital steps in a patient’s recovery. The staff at the treatment center are all friendly and understands that relationship with the people that patient is going to interact with during their stay is important. All inquiries will be clarified and answered. The process of arrangement to get the individual started is done fast. The individuals who seek to be admitted will be met here in Newport Beach to get an evaluation from one of the facilities in the treatment center. The treatment center has already successfully helped thousands of people around the world. The treatment center understands that each unique individual will have their own different needs and offers the best treatment possible. Experienced professional counselors are always ready to assist the patients. The treatment center could also be contacted anytime for any inquiries regarding the treatment process of a family member or friend.


    Sober Living By The Sea offers numerous programs that will be helpful in treating patients and in their recovery towards a normal life. It has been 33 years that this treatment center has been providing high-quality treatment to numerous patients for alcohol and drug addiction. The clients receive an individual treatment plan from the professional staffs composed of physicians, counselors and addiction experts. Patients are ensured that they receive the best clinical care possible as every program takes advantage of the 12 step model, individual therapies, family counseling, meditation, a healthy diet, exercise, and spiritual activities.

    Sober Living By The Sea is one of the best treatment centers in the world for a reason. The atmosphere here is non-institutional which makes the experience good for the patients and they get to experience numerous activities such as sailing, surfing, bike riding, a trip to places like Disneyland, Catalina Island, Palm Springs, and Long Beach Aquarium. The patients are continuously assisted by the staffs through their recovery and offer a wide selection of treatment methods that are proven effective. Sober Living By The Sea also offers special programs such as women-only treatment program, men-only treatment program as well as treatments for patients who want to pursue treatment at home which would be an intensive outpatient program. Whatever program a patient would undergo, they are assured that the best service and care would be provided, one that is world class. The programs that are being offered here are residential, detox, partial hospitalization, outpatient, Sunrise Recovery Ranch, The Landing: Men’s Rehab, The Rose: Women’s Rehab, Family Program, and the Continuing Care program.

    Treatment Overview for Drug and Alcohol Use

    Sober Living By The Sea offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs that had already helped thousands of people to go back to their normal way of life. The length of treatment for each individual varies and the treatment center does its best to provide great service. Those who have cases of using a high dosage of drugs and daily intake of alcohol will first being the process of detox and then getting treated in a primary care program after which would be specifically for men or women only. The treatments that are done this center are Adderall, alcohol, Ambien benzo, cocaine, co-occurring disorders, ecstasy, hallucinogen, heroin, inhalant, marijuana, meth, opioid, Oxycontin, Percocet, prescription drug, synthetic marijuana, Valium, Vicodin, and Xanax. The center already has years of experience in providing alcohol and addiction treatment and had achieved successful results through a great mixture of rehab and activities wherein patients start to appreciate sobriety. A facility in Sober Living By The Sea called Sunrise Recover offers a 12-step based treatment program for men and women who suffer from the addiction of alcohol or drug/substance abuse such as cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana and such. The treatment center also understands that the most important thing is to help the patients get accustomed to a life of sobriety and this is done through group activities to help them recover where there daily life and habits are slowly being reverted to normal. Patients participating in daily activities help strengthen their sobriety.

    The treatment center has numerous facilities each with specialists who are equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide assistance and help to the patients. They follow what is called the 12-step principles program. This helps patients to build the foundation they need to live a drug-free life and prevent relapses. Patients are assisted to point out the underlying reasons for their substance abuse to help them understand their selves more which would contribute to them making better life decisions. Admitting to drug rehab is a really hard decision and Sober Living By The Sea understands this which is why they will assist patients all throughout the recovery. This treatment center is regarded as one of the best in the whole country and individuals are assured that they are in good hands.

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