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    Guide to Pathways Recovery Addiction Treatment Center in Roseville California

    Pathways Recovery Detox Program Overview

    Pathways Recovery opened their initial detox treatment facility in 2010 and has been providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment services since then. They offer medically supervised drug and alcohol detox with 24 hour supportive care. Now they also provide alcohol and drug rehab services at their men’s residential addiction treatment center with services for dual diagnosis. They also offer a 12 week intensive outpatient program for those clients that need an addiction treatment program after work. Their program also includes psychiatry, trauma therapy with LENS Neurofeedback, personal fitness trainer, nutrition therapy and education, life coaching, addiction recovery through individual and group therapy, 12 step meeting introduction, Refuge Recovery, Christian group counseling, Addiction Education Family Workshop and support through weekly meetings and much more! Call Pathways Recovery Addiction Treatment Center for a free consultation now at 916-235-9259.

    Pathways Recovery Alcohol Detox Program

    Alcohol detox can be an intensive medical process. Pathways Recovery provides a non-hospital home environment for medically supervised alcohol detox where each individual’s detoxification symptoms are managed with medications. Their medical provider evaluates and prescribes the alcohol detoxification medications. Then, they closely monitor the vital signs within the comfort of their private alcohol detox center in the Sacramento area. They compassionately encourage each client throughout the alcohol detox period, which generally lasts 7 days. In severe cases, a longer period of time may be required  for alcohol detoxification. During this critical time, they help each client to focus on healing the mind and body through proper rest, nutritious meals, nutritional supplements, protein smoothies and 24/7 staff support and monitoring to ensure a safe and comfortable alcohol detox. Pathways Recovery’s alcohol detox center also provides services like educational groups on nutrition, stress management, addiction recovery, 12-step groups and yoga classes during the entire detox process to help the medical stabilization process. Their alcohol detox center has a Jacuzzi spa that helps clients relax and minimize their alcohol detox symptoms.

    Pathways Recovery Benzo Detox Program

    The calming effects of benzos can be an attractive solution when someone struggles in dealing with the stress of life or with past trauma. Benzos are highly addictive so the continued abuse will ultimately lead to a physical dependence. When this occurs, a medically assisted benzo detox will be the only way you can overcome the addiction in a safe and comfortable environment.

    Pathways Recovery combines a medical assisted benzo detox with a holistic addiction treatment approach that can help you or your loved one develop healthy and effective ways to manage stress or past traumas. During your benzo detox, they will also provide one-on-one counseling, group therapy, recovery planning, and trauma therapy. You will also be provided with nutritious meals to help your body heal. Also, there are wellness activities like yoga to help you calm your mind. Their holistic addiction treatment approach will help you develop healthy solutions to life instead of having an unhealthy dependence on benzos. Backed up by the experience of their medical, clinical, and therapeutic staff at Pathways Recovery, they can make sure you or your loved one’s benzo detox is as safe and as comfortable as possible.

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