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    Wellstone is based on North Alabama and is known to be the most extensive behavioral service healthcare provider. Aside from the universal service offerings to the typical age range of users, children and adolescents are taken care of as well. They pride themselves of admitting 13,000 patients a year with a total of 12 healthcare facilities across North Alabama.

    It was initially built and identified as the Huntsville-Madison County Health Board in April of 1969. Its formation was guided upon the legislation of Act 310. The act authorizes the formation of mental health boards all over the state. For 25 years, the Madison Health Board operated as a Mental Health Facility and later rebranded to a name that fits its purpose. By 2014, it was renamed to Wellstone Behavioral Health that aims to broaden their service delivery to all ages of the members of the community.

    Wellstone is said to reflect the history of the community of North Alabama. Before, Huntsville was commonly referred to as the Rocket City (because of a resort that attracted tourists from all corners of the globe because of its restoration and renewal properties). That specific resort was situated on Monte Sano State and is translated to “Mountain of Health” in Spanish. The name WellStone was derived from “Well” meaning a focus on wellness and recovery and “Stone” to which a strong foundation is built upon.

    The healthcare facility aims to provide exemplary well-being to patients as they are guided with their philosophy “connect to health and well-being.” It is a phrase that signifies their belief of a brighter future for all of the individuals and patients of the facility.

    More than 13,000 patients are taken care of every year, and WellStone is very proud to accommodate them from varying ages and needs. Everyone that is suffering from a mental disorder or substance addiction is assured to be taken care of. From psychiatric approaches to need-focused counseling people of all ages can avail WellStone’s services at a reasonable cost.


    Since WellStone caters to patients of all walks of life and ages, a specific service offering is made to tailor the needs of children and teens.

    There is outpatient counseling where students, children, and teens can undergo exclusively at the health facility. It aims to provide a solution for common behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Outpatient counseling can be availed on an individual basis or a group setting with familiar friends or even take one as a family.

    Another process is called outreach counseling. This involves clinic personnel and healthcare professionals to provide support for a patient that is deemed to have a more severe case than one would typically have. Candidates for such process tend to be removed from their respective homes. Depending on the severity, patients will undergo individual and focused treatment with a family member right by the person’s side. Upon recovery of the patient, he will then experience less intensive services as assessed by a medical practitioner.

    For preschoolers, a specific service suited for their young minds is provided. 3-5-year-olds may suffer from an abrupt change of behavior due to a lot of influencing factors. These may hinder their capabilities to learn and socialize which is considered crucial in establishing their morals and values later on in life. This program is referred to as The Academy. The child is enrolled in a half-day therapeutic program alongside teachers, and other professionals to assist and guide the child with his preparations for a school setting.

    On the other hand, school-based services are provided to children and families with the collaboration of school administrators, principals and instructors to help a child achieve success in his academics.

    Psychiatric services are done with a resident board-certified psychiatrist with the assistance of a registered nurse in determining behavioral treatment and prescription medications if needed. This approach will be agreed upon by both the patient and the psychiatrist.

    Nursing services are deemed necessary for the assistance of the medical aspect of the treatment. They will guide a patient as directed by the psychiatrist about the agreed treatment and recovery options.


    The same as children and adolescents services, outpatient counseling and outreach counseling are offered to persons aged 19 years and above. Also, a more secluded and private clinic for adults is provided through WellSpring Clinical Associates.

    Residential and acute care is given to individuals that want to integrate treatment options in their way of living. Supported apartments are living areas where a patient resides in a particular community with a strict and monitored way of life. Practitioners and medical assistants visit the individual to assist in the management of his health conditions as treatment are done. This approach aims to instill independent living.

    Group homes are also available. This is a process wherein staff and medical personnel provides round the clock assistance and guide all the residents in their inpatient treatment options. The same as a supported apartment, this program aims to stabilize behavioral issues before a patient is set off to live independently.


    New Horizons provides outpatient services to persons aged 19 years and above that is succumbing to substance abuse. Intensive outpatient counseling is offered that will usually take place in at least four weeks with multiple sessions per day or as prescribed by a healthcare provider. Other cases that need inpatient services will be referred to healthcare facilities that provide it.


    WellStone also provides an opportunity for the community to get involved in the prevention and coping strategies for mental health. An individual can choose to be a mental health first aider through an 8-hour course that’ll equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond in cases of the onslaught of mental illness.

    An individual can also take a stroll on the WellStone Labyrinth that is carefully crafted to represent the twists and turns of life. If you want to take a break, clear your mind, find inner peace and whatever you need to do in silence, you can walk and connect with nature.

    WellStone also has ropes challenge courses that can enhance team-building activities, problem-solving and decision making. Also, community education is also provided to everyone in the community that aims to inform everyone about the services offered and necessary information about substance use and mental illnesses.

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