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    Guide to New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care in Marlboro New Jersey

    New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care Program Overview and Facilities

    New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care doesn’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. They believe that a customized plan for each patient will ensure that the right treatment and goals for recovery will be carried out successfully. With their state-of-the-art care and its residential, transitional, and outpatient facilities, the treatment that they provide can be a perfect treatment program for patients who are suffering from drug addiction, gambling, and other co-related mental health disorders.

    The 48 Hour Program of New Hope Integrated Health Care

    The 48 Hour Program is designed to the residents of Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties who were convicted and ordered by the court to attend a 48 program that covers the Intoxicated Driving Program (IDP).

    Upon the start of the 48 Hour Program, the clients are being subject to staff search and drug and alcohol test. The clients with positive results may prohibit them to enter the program as they strictly implement the alcohol-free policy within entering the building. Also, clients are instructed to bring only enough and appropriate clothing for 48 hours. The center prohibits the following items to bring: electronic devices, pajama pants, tube tops, tank tops, sheer tops, halter tops, short-shorts, bathing tops, cut off shorts, slogan shirts, faded/ ripped jeans, sport logos, gang colors, and any color that can be associated with drug and/or alcohol use.

    If the client has prescribed medications or suffers into any chronic medical conditions, the staff have the right to determine before the client enters the program. The client must bring the original prescription bottle and give it to the staff. From there, the staff will decide to exempt the medication depending on the instructions of the prescription bottle. The client who has diabetes must bring their own testing device and supplies.

    Detox Program of New Hope Integrated Health Care

    Withdrawal management is considered as the first and integral step in the rehabilitation and treatment program of substance use disorders. It provides a conducive non-hospital setting that commits a medically-supervised withdrawal from alcohol and other substance use. Their medical and psychiatric services are available 24-7 with their on-duty nurses and counselors that provide other services such as assessment and intake, counseling, continuing care planning and appropriate referral.

    Inpatient Services

    New Hope’s Adult Residential Care Program is an inpatient program that offers a customized treatment plan that meets every adult patients’ needs. The program has a medical assessment, specialized education, and individual and group counseling. It also provides a support system for the patients’ families that aims to help them cope with their family members’ alcohol and/or drug abuse. The program also involves discharge and aftercare procedures to ensure the full recovery of their patients.

    Aside from the Adult Residential Care Program, New Hope also offers Adolescent Residential Care Program that caters adolescents that are affected by alcohol and/or drug use and other co-occurring mental health problems. As the program aims to help the adolescents to fully recover on these disorders, assessments are being prepared carefully to provide specific plans for each patient and to achieve specific goals set for medical and psychiatric care, psychological counseling, socialization and values identification, care for families, and revitalization of their relationship on the community and other people. Like the Adult Residential Care Program, discharge and aftercare procedures are also given by New Hope to ensure the successful recovery of the adolescents.

    Outpatient Services

    New Hope offers outpatient services for adolescents and adults who suffer in substance use, gambling and co-occurring mental health disorders. Their intensive service is available at there Freehold, New Brunswick and Long Branch, New Jersey facilities. Other services such as drug assessment and aftercare, individual and group counseling, drug-free consultation and prevention, and drug education are also available.

    Halfway House Services – Men

    Philip House is a halfway home for men that provides a safe and conducive setting for all range of patients. This environment provides essential support in recovery and coping procedures that will allow them to revitalize the patients’ relationships with their family, workplace, and community. It commits to achieve the specific medical, psychiatric, vocational, and educational goals for each client.

    Halfway House Services – Women

    There are also halfway homes dedicated to women n Long Branch, NJ and for women and women with dependent children in Asbury Park, NJ. Like the halfway home for men, it also ensures that specific goals are being met by their patients that would allow the full recovery and complete reintegration on their families, workplace, and community.

    Why Choose the New Hope Foundation?

    Aside from the professional doctors, nurses, and staff, New Hope provides a personalized treatment program for each of their patients to ensure that targeted goals would be met. They also have a continuing plan right after they discharge their patients to complete the recovery procedures and be sure that they can interact well with their families, workplace, and community.

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