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    Mountainside is a behavioral health network that provides an individualized treatment in alcohol and drug addiction. For over two decades, we have respected every client’s personal journey towards recovery and have proudly catered the needs of more than thousands of people. Being nationally acclaimed, we combine innovative clinical and holistic therapies that are a data-centered approach. We stay true to our vision in empowering our clients to completely metamorphose their lives for the best and to attain long-term recovery.

    We stand firmly on our commitment that we can gratify to the uniqueness of every client. We offer a wide range spectrum of programs to meet their special recovery needs featuring various treatments that are clinically and innovatively proven. The full stretch of our care enables us to set a guide for clients sequentially through each step of their expedition towards a particular stage in their recovery.

    Milestones have been achieved in its two decades of serving those who are in need. Mountainside has ventured beyond the correlation between mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. In simultaneously healing the mind, body, and spirit through personalized care, evidence-based treatment, and holistic driven therapies. Our belief in conjoining traditional therapies and holistic practices can widely improve the efficacy of substance abuse treatment and to better provide clients with the right tools to maintain long-lasting sobriety. In doing so, we have raised the bar standard of addiction treatment.


    Mountainside provides a wide range of programs to help clients in recovery. With six to choose from that includes the following:


    • DETOX


    This program best caters for those are in their first days in recovery. Set in an atmosphere filled with comfort and compassion, we are dedicated to proving you with medical and clinical teams with 24/7 individualized care and support. It aims to remove toxins in your body, helping in properly nourishing your body and by educating you on the disease of addiction, we can prepare you for the next steps in your addiction treatment.

    In the clinical part of our Detox Program, we will provide you with three key points which are; Recovery education, group counseling, and individual counseling. Our wellness course offers full body acupuncture, therapeutic art, nutrition education, meditation, sleep education, and yoga. Medical and Psychiatric help provides HIV and Hepatitis C tests, nutritional assessment, pharmacogenomic test, physical exam, psychiatric evaluation, and withdrawal assessment.


    This program is a 30-day inpatient residential treatment program that provides as the catalyst towards complete transformation to gain the tools you need to maintain sobriety.  The campus is set at the foot of the Berkshire mountains that gives a serene feeling, away from the stress, triggers, and temptations of everyday life. With expert and individualized treatment plans, our residential program will help you find your strength within to further overcome your addiction.

    The residential program offers a clinical portion focused on gender group, group counseling, understanding risk in recovery, seeking safety, recovery education, professionals group, nicotine cessation, individual counseling, 12-step education, anger management and building a recovery network. wellness provides acupuncture, adventure therapy, exercise and movement, expressive therapies, healthy living, mindfulness, and spirituality. medical and psychiatric help focuses on withdrawal assessment, toxicology screenings, MEDucation, meditation, nutritional assessment, physical exam, and pharmacogenetic test. family wellness focuses on individual family counseling, family counseling, and family dynamics group. Lastly, Continuing care offers Aftercare planning, Post-treatment follow-up and Aftercare & recovery education.


    The extended care program helps you strengthen your newfound sobriety, this critical part of the recovery requires you to need time and space away from triggers and negative influences. It is made up of four phases  — Community Living, Outpatient Services, Work Program, and Fun and Adventures — it was specifically designed for the purpose of improving constructive behaviors and healthy lifestyle habits while socializing in a wider and outside community. In this program, you will learn to put into practice your sobriety and along the way hone skills that are needed to maintain it for long-term once you leave the comfort of Mountainside and return to engage in your everyday life.

    Extend Care Offerings include cardio and weight training, rock wall climbing, hikes and walks, and horticultural therapy.


    For those clients who find it difficult to take time away from family, work, or school to focus on addiction treatment, Outpatient Services provides an efficient, effective, and convenient solution. With the flexible day and evening hours that will ensure easy-access with quality addiction treatment. You can smoothly integrate into your daily duties without ever sacrificing your health. We offer three available programs; Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP, Outpatient Program (OP), and Individual Therapy (IT).

    These three programs include comprehensive clinical counseling that even include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), medical and psychiatric help, and even guidance through family wellness.


    365 days into your recovery journey, this program will provide you with a partner, mentor, spiritual guide, and also a support system that will walk with you as you adjust yourself into your substance-free living. This partnership aims to attain five goals; peer-to-peer relationship, connected care network, family services, progress assessments, and recovery resources.

    The services this program offers include; sober support network, referrals to health professionals, leisure activities, coordination of family meetings, school guidance, tips for daily living, assistance with job search, and communication with the court system to provide documentation of sobriety when needed.


    This program is a breakthrough in substance abuse treatment, open to teens who are struggling in their addiction. It will better equip your teen with the right guidance and methods that they need to get well and stay sober.

    There is two treatment option that we offer, individual therapy and adolescent 12-week program. Individual therapy focuses on privately conveying emotions that will allow a stronger foundation of self-worth and by practicing prevention techniques in helping achieve a step closer towards recovery. Whilst a 12-week program involves family intervention, working alongside an adolescent to help teens have a sense of support and inhibit a positive living environment. Adolescent Services also include clinical treatment offerings with family and wellness services.

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