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    Guide to Lumiere Treatment Center in Jupiter Florida

    Lumiere Treatment Center Detox Program Overview

    Located in Northern Jupiter, Florida, Lumiere is close enough to the necessary resources but far away enough to give you a break from big city life. It’s a modern, state-of-the-art location, where they do their best to ensure each of their patients receives the resources they need in a welcoming area.

    Lumiere is a 30-bed facility which ensures a smaller group setting and a location that offers just enough companionship. They have a  team of doctors and professionals that matches the number of patients they have with them at any given time.They take pride of their low patient to doctor ratio, which helps to make sure that each patient receives the highest quality of care possible.

    They provide around-the-clock medical supervision at their facility depending on the care you or your loved one needs. This ensures a safe detox process – which is one of the first steps towards successful recovery.

    Lumiere has taken the steps necessary to make their South Florida Detox Center a home away from home for each patient. They offer luxurious rooms, home cooked meals, and plenty of warm, smiling faces to greet you during your entire stay. Each one of the individuals who visit and become a part of their location is treated with respect, dignity and comprehensive support.

    Lumiere Treatment Center Alcohol Detox Program

    Due to the severity of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Lumiere Detox Center offers an alcohol detox program that is built around an inpatient model. Those who lack a strong, reliable social network on the outside often struggle to stay on track with alcohol detox and can give into use and abuse without support. Moreover, some individuals need in-patient detox because they have a history of the following conditions:

    • Severe withdrawal symptoms (shaky hands, sweating, mild anxiety, nausea, vomiting, etc.)
    • Withdrawal seizures or DTs
    • Multiple previous detoxifications
    • Medical or psychiatric conditions

    Florida alcohol detox program has a goal with a threefold approach: alleviate immediate withdrawal symptoms, prevent complications, and begin the journey toward long-term therapy. In the first step of the Florida alcohol detox process, various prescription drugs may be offered to individuals to help manage the withdrawal symptoms. These include Benzodiazepines such as Valium, Librium, Ativan, and Serax. The goal of the medications is short-term relief from shakiness, anxiety, confusion, and other issues associated to the withdrawal phase of alcohol detox. Lumiere Detox Center may also use Carbamazepine, a type of an anti-convulsant drug and other prescription drugs.

    They provide medically supervised alcohol detox. Their medical specialists are on hand at all times to help assess patient condition throughout the detox process. The initial steps of the alcohol detox process, withdrawal, can last anywhere from 2 days up to several weeks depending upon the severity of addiction. Their medically supervised alcohol detox includes the administration of medications, such as those mentioned above, to help patients withdraw slowly, and safely, from alcohol use.

    Lumiere Treatment Center Drug Detox Program

    When you enroll in Lumiere Drug Detox South Florida facility, you will have to undergo the detox process. It is required as the first and most important step down your path to recovery from drug addiction. It is also the most uncomfortable and painful step. To prevent any unnecessary discomfort and to avoid the risks involved, their medical professionals will monitor you 24/7 during the entire process. This means they will provide all the assistance you will require to cope with your pain and other effects of your drug detox process.

    Each patient is different, has specific needs, and requires a personalized approach to drug detox. Their process is custom-tailored to you alone, and to your unique situation, which means you can reach each one of your goals for drug detox and rehab at a rate that is right for you, making the recovery process smooth and easier on your body and mind.

    Lumiere has personalized humanistic approach to drug detox so in some cases, their patients will be medically cleared to leave their inpatient detox treatment and return to their daily lives, while others will have to remain in their facility for further reinforcement and rehabilitation treatment.

    Drug detox can be uncomfortable and painful but Lumiere can promise that they will do their best to keep you comfortable during this period of time, helping you minimize any symptoms that do appear and monitoring your progress around-the-clock to prevent any situations that could pose a risk to your health and well-being. They have caring professionals that will lend a helping hand and provide all the information and support you can require during this trying time.

    Lumiere Treatment Center Heroin Detox Program

    Lumiere Detox Center has all the facilities, medicines, and professional expertise that are required to help a heroin addict safely withdraw. Lumiere Detox Center offers a medically assisted detox program to help people become completely free from heroin.  Medical professionals can monitor the health of the detoxing person to make sure their condition remains stable throughout the program. At the end of the detox process, the staff will work together with the patient to plan a successful discharge which will help them to remain a stable condition and stay away from drugs after they leave.

    Their Florida heroin detox provides the patient medications that can help impede uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most commonly used medications used in helping treat heroin withdrawal symptoms are Suboxone, Subutex, and Methadone. Their Florida heroin detox also provides 24/7 monitoring by medical professionals to ensure the health and well-being of the patients. In addition, therapeutic services are encouraged, such as individual and group therapy, to offer additional support during this difficult time.

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