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    Guide to Life Center of Galax in Virginia

    Guide to Life Center of Galax in Virginia Overview and Facilities

    For over 40 years, the Life Center of Galax in Virginia has been providing structured treatment plans that ensure the full recovery of drug and alcohol substance abuse patients. It is filled with effective activities that do not only focus on the treatment modalities and time-tested support system but also consists of self-reflection and other recreational activities. Their main goal is promoting personal growth and resolve the specific issues of their patients.

    In the Life Center of Galax, they believe in promoting the well-rounded care that can effectively heal and recover the individual’s drug and alcohol substance dependency. With this, their wide range of programs only provides the most effective treatment plans that are specifically tailored to everyone’s needs. Each program holds its treatment centers holistic approach that fully committed to establishing the favorable treatment results that any patient can experience.

    Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

    The detoxification or detox program in the Life Center of Galax is the first step that their patients must embark. In this process, the level of dependency is being treated by clearing all the harmful chemicals in the patient’s body. This may seem a crucial moment for patients as it involves withdrawing from the drug and substances that they always relied on. But Life Center of Galax ensures that men and women who participate in this program can achieve a stable mind that can help them to recover in the long-term run.

    Patients can receive detox program and full assistance of their medical professionals whether they opt to participate in Dual Diagnosis, DUI/DWI, Opiate Recovery, Prodigal Christian, or Military Services program.  Moreover, they also offer medications in Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Vivitrol for those who require having a medication-assisted treatment and would want to overcome their addiction. These medications can alleviate the drug cravings and some of the common withdrawal symptoms. With proper monitoring and consumption, patients can be actively involved with the programs in the treatment centers and revive their goals and skills that can be useful in their lives.

    Residential Drug Rehab Program

    With their conviction to treat people with drug and alcohol abuse, Life Center of Galax creates a Master Treatment Plans that involve intensive programs that are administered during the detox and stabilization process. The necessary documents such as medical records, nurse assessment, psychological testing, and interview are being required on the first days of admission to the program. If possible, an interview from the family may also be collected. Moreover, the rehab program tries to customize their treatment plans for each patient that are aligned with their goals and objectives to ensure success in the recovery of their patients.

    Life Center of Galax in Virginia delivers a wide range of services for drug and alcohol addictions. This is essential to point out the different issues that a patient may have in terms of physical, behavioral, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects that hinder them to function as a normal individual. These services involve: a) reality therapy which tackles the issues of the present and uses supportive confrontation and interpretation that can address an individual’s denial and rationalization; b) experiential therapy supports the patients to understand their past experience can affect the present decisions that they make; c) cognitive therapy which helps the patients to address the mental dysfunctions that inclined to support the maladaptive emotions and behaviors; d) leisure resources which create hope for the patients to learn and adopt new skills that can be helpful in stabilizing their mood; e) gender-specific groups involves addressing important issues that can be challenging to discuss with the members of the opposite sex; f) family workshops provide opportunities to educate the effect of the addiction on the family. The discharge of a patient varies from the significant development that they gained after they undergo with these services.

    Dual Diagnosis Rehab Program

    Dual diagnosis is a term for individuals who are experiencing chemical dependency and mental health issues that can be related to chemical abuse. Life Center of Galax provides a multifaced treatment that involves their ASAM certified medical professionals. Anyone who participates in this program can receive the services in the following areas: psychiatric evaluation, medication management, individualized treatment, dual diagnosis specialty groups, and personal recovery plans. It fully commits to treat their patients and help them to cope with dual diagnosis that they are suffering with.

    DUI/DWI Rehab Program

    This 30-day residential program helps individuals who are charged with DUI/DWI. Its main goals can include the creation of self-awareness and providing education and specific treatments for people who deal with DUI/DWI offense. Life Center of Galax includes programs such as comprehensive medical and psychological assessments, education on the disease of addiction and alcoholism, group and individual counseling sessions, and introduction to 12-step recovery models of AA and NA. In addition to this, patients who can finish this program are been awarded by certificates.

    Methadone Maintenance Program

    Methadone is a synthetic medication that can be taken without affecting the overall mental state of the patient. It is an ideal solution for those who are struggling to overcome their drug dependency. Another benefit of taking methadone is the ability to continue the normal lives of the person. Any person who is over the age of 18 and has been dependent on an opioid for at least 12 months can be granted to take methadone as part of their medication-assisted treatment.

    Moreover, the Life Center of Galax allows methadone to be prescribed with individuals who are in the opioid detoxification process. These people can continue to take methadone while they are in the residential treatment program. The longevity of taking this medication can vary per individual as several factors are being taken into consideration.

    Opiate Rehab Program

    This rehab program is tailored for individuals who need appropriate treatment procedures. It can include inpatient medical detoxification, stabilization to abstinence, administering of Methadone or Buprenorphine medication, or the Vivitrol intake for a full recovery. Furthermore, the Life Center of Galax provides transition of inpatient program to an outpatient program that benefits the people in Virginia who are under the medication-assisted treatment and may need a more intensive program.

    Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

    The outpatient drug rehab program of Life Center of Galax follows a less intense and more flexible treatment in drug and alcohol dependency. It can be provided through their daily services. To be eligible for this program, an individual must possess any of the following criteria: improvement from inpatient residential treatment to day treatment, failure of a lesser level of care, and first-time admission based on evaluation of structure and consistency that cannot be seen in routine or intensive outpatient therapy. People who want to take part in this program must establish a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others and able to maintain support through family and self-help groups. Moreover, the daily activities that this program offers includes community group, didactic lecture, group therapy, leisure activities, step study, AA or NA meetings, and other important event groups. Families are also encouraged to attend the Saturday and Sunday workshops.

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