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    Guide to His and Her Houses Addiction Treatment Centers in Upland California

    His & Her Houses Treatment Centers Detox Program Overview

    At His & Her Houses Treatment Centers, they offer individualized treatment at the highest quality facilities with an experienced medical team. They’ll help you make your path to health, recovery, and sober lifestyle through intervention to residential detox and treatment. Their team focuses on both the physical aspects of recovery (such as withdrawal, treatment, and nutrition) in addition to the psychological and emotional aspects. It was founded by a former addict, and many of their staff are also in recovery themselves. That’s why they understand what each individual patient is going through. His House is dually accredited by JCAHO and CARF.

    His & Her Houses Treatment Centers Alcohol Detox Program

    His & Hers Houses Treatment Centers has successfully helped many people detox fully from alcohol. It’s  because everyone who works within their facility is an addiction specialist, and understands very well the dangerous effects it has on the body and brain.

    A full alcohol detox should not be taken lightly. Complete, immediate stopping is highly dangerous and can cause seizures, convulsions and even death. So everyone who detoxes from alcohol in their facility is 100% medically supervised 24/7. During detox, they discourage family from visiting because it is an intense medical process and the individual is likely to be upset and extremely distracted. However, they keep all family members informed so they will stay updated on their loved one’s progress.

    During your detox, their first goal is to get you clean and ensure you’re physically stable enough to prepare for the rest of their addiction treatment. To ensure this they may administer medications which alleviate your symptoms associated to your alcohol withdrawal and make them easier to manage. For example, benzodiazepines may be used to calm down your central nervous system and be more comfortable throughout the process.

    His & Her Houses Treatment Centers Drug Detox Program

    Drug detox is the purging of all harmful, addictive substances from the body. Their highly trained staff members will work one-on-one to facilitate a safe and advanced detox process whether you or your loved one are addicted to heroin, meth, cocaine, pharmaceuticals or any other type of drug.

    Their utmost priority is always for the safety of their clients. The staff members at their various programs have personal experience in recovery and the detox process. For this reason, they intimately understand how to care for a client. They compassionately walk them through treatment and provide 24/7 supervision as well as monitor all vital signs closely. Additionally, they can make various medications available to their clients to help manage the withdrawal symptoms of drug detox.

    Detoxification begins immediately after the admissions process. They limit visitation during this medically intensive process. They will keep your loved ones updated every step of the way while unable to physically visit so no one will be kept in the dark. Their facility provides rapid drug detox, inpatient drug detox and outpatient drug detox.

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