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    It is said that alcohol and drug addiction have varied causes. Whether it is from peer pressure, family circumstances, trauma, and many others, addiction and dependence from these substances can gravely harm an individual’s health and well-being. Choosing to eliminate these habits can be hard. Professional help is needed. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a rehab center that will take an individual in and take care of them without judgment and with patience.

    Detox South Florida offers a world-class rehabilitation center with facilities and resident doctors and residents equipped with the necessary expertise and knowledge towards the first step of sobriety. Their convenient location and accessible helplines are what made them the first choice of people suffering from addiction in Florida.

    Addiction Treatment

    No matter what substance abuse a person is suffering from, symptoms such as the ones listed below need a call to act upon.

    1. Low in energy and motivation
    2. Abrupt weight gain or loss
    3. Neglect in Outer Appearance and Well-being
    4. Insomnia and Paranoia
    5. Display of clumsiness that results in falling accidents
    6. Uncommon requests for money or stealing valuables

    Without the help of a professional, a user would continue to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. With Detox of Florida, an initial comprehensive assessment is done. In this process, the best strategy towards sobriety is strategized and suited to fit a person’s lifestyle and risk factors.

    Alcohol Detox and Rehab

    It is easy to proclaim that drinking alcohol is no more than a leisurely activity. However, it was proven to have debilitating effects on the physique, mental and psychological make-up of an individual.

    To address alcohol addiction, Detox of South Florida a careful and thorough explanation of the detox process is given to an individual, and he will decide on having one or not. A strategic combination of individual and group detox therapies are also utilized.

    Also, a suited 30, 60 or 90-day detox programs are available that may depend on a patient’s addiction intensity and circumstances. Relapse prevention and techniques are taught to an individual to avoid unwanted episodes of process-deteriorating cravings.

    They employ long-run care and strategies for relapse education and strictly prohibiting visitations from an individual that can compromise the patient’s progress.

    Alcohol detox and rehab are two different things. When a patient that is previously assessed sees the need to be put into rehab, know that a severe case of alcohol addiction is in place.

    Unlike detox, alcohol rehab needs commitment and a steadfast dedication into getting better. Choices and considerations to conditions such as

    1. Would admittance into an alcohol rehab be advantageous or fit work and life schedule?
    2. What is the estimated length of rehab for a specific case?
    3. Will a near rehab location works best, or a far-flung one would do a patient better?

    Individuals with underlying medical issues and those with dual diagnosis often require alcohol rehab for around the clock care and monitoring. A routine that is established within the facility will suit them best especially if the addiction is considered severe.

    Drug Detox and Drug Rehab

    The tendency to depend on drugs might be influenced in a lot of lifestyle factors, no matter what those are, Detox of South Florida has the facility and people to cater to varying degrees of severity when it comes to drug detox and rehab.

    Drug detox is ideal for those that don’t have medical complications and wants to move forward with their life by living clean. Whether it is from heroin, fentanyl, methadone or cocaine, Detox of South Florida can help a patient achieve a brighter and cleaner tomorrow. A patient can choose from a 30, 60, or 90-day detox program that is based on the assessment given by an expert.

    Drug rehab, on the other hand, requires round the clock monitoring and care for severe cases of drug addiction. A routine will be better for patients as it will establish a drug-free lifestyle on them. Consider the credibility and the long-term care options of a facility to evaluate which rehab is the best option for an individual.

    Elderly Alcohol and Drug Rehab

    Not a lot of rehab centers offer services for the elderly. Luckily, Detox of South Florida provides this option. As their vision goes, symptoms must be treated and managed with prescription drugs, not the abuse of it.

    Since a lot of elderly people don’t have access to such life-changing alternatives, Detox of South Florida provides an option that is medically suitable for their on-going medications.

    It all starts with acknowledging symptoms and indications. With this information, a thorough explanation and assessment is done to the elderly with the utmost respect and care to their current medical situation. Then, severities and tendencies for relapses are evaluated. This information will guide an individual, and the medical experts or rehab is necessary.  Whether it is from alcohol or prescription drugs, Detox of South Florida can tailor a rehab or detox program for an old patient.

    Veterans Addiction Treatment

    There is always a special place in the hearts of every American for the veterans and soldiers that serves the country through peace and safekeeping. However, veterans and soldiers tend to rely and even depend on drugs and alcohol during transition periods or the time of their service to living the civilian life.

    Services under the Veterans Addiction treatment includes, medical detoxification, a process wherein a veteran takes in medicines to get rid of drugs and other substances consumed by the person. Hospitalization programs, where a round of the clock care and monitoring is deemed essential for the treatment. Outpatient programs, where veterans are oriented and educated with necessary tools to prevent unwanted relapse from withdrawal symptoms and many more.

    No matter what the reasons are, Detox of South Florida always believes that change and improvement are possible. Therefore, an exclusive and top of the line rehab activities and programs are made for them to guide their development and enjoy life to the fullest.

    Detox of South Florida Alcohol Detox

    Though alcohol addiction can be treated, there can be many drawbacks to achieving success with addiction treatment. At Detox of South Florida, they take a humane, compassionate and a caring approach to providing alcohol detox services, with detox programs customized for each individual patient, based on their personal needs and circumstances.

    They lend compassion and care, to help patients avoid anger and frustration and help them realize that they NEED detox, and not just WANT detox. They use a combination of group and individual detox therapies. They also provide adaptable and highly customized 30, 60 or 90-day detox programs, depending on patient’s individual circumstances and the intensity of alcohol addiction. They thoroughly educate patient about relapse prevention techniques and strategies to secure lifelong sobriety. Their in-house completion programs enable highest chances of rehab success. They expand aftercare planning strategies to help avoid relapse in the long-term. They are also vigilant in restricting unfavorable visitations that can compromise a patient’s detox progress.

    Detox of South Florida Drug Detox

    Drug addiction is a widespread problem in the U.S. Approximately, about 23 million people suffer from addiction to substances such cocaine, heroin, meth, and others. If 23 million was a shocking number, it is more surprising to know that only 15% of all these addicts receive any kind of treatment for their addiction. Not seeking treatment for addiction can be associated to denial, lack of financial affordability and location restrictions. This is very unfortunate as drug addiction is can be treated, and patients have an amazing chance at recovery if only they followed a good treatment program. Detox of South Florida specializes in addiction treatment to all of the substances mentioned below. These are the withdrawal symptoms and expected timeline to overcome an addiction, through treatment.


    The detox time is about 7 days. It has half-life of 30 minutes and it fully leaves the body after 2 days. The patient may experience the following withdrawal symptoms: fever, cramps, sweating, restlessness, blood pressure spikes, spasms, runny nose and vomiting.


    The detox time is 1 to 3 weeks. It has half-life of 72 hours. But, traces can be found in urine after 12 weeks, if used chronically. he patient may experience the following withdrawal symptoms: depression, hunger and various mental and physical impairments.


    The detox time is 2 weeks. Acute withdrawal is 7-10 days and sub-acute withdrawal is 10-14 days. The patient may experience the following withdrawal symptoms: sleep disturbances, shaking, tremors, nausea, vomiting, meth cravings, hypertension, fever, chills, excessive sweating and heart palpitations.

    Call 863.623.4923 to take the first step to fight drug addiction.

    Detox of South Florida is your compassionate partner to help you through your fight against drug addiction. Seeking help can be a very humbling process, but will be a very worthwhile one as you can reclaim control of your life. Patients at Detox of South Florida are put on either a 30, 60 or 90-day detox treatment program, to overcome their drug addiction and go back to society, without the risk of going down again to relapses.

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