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    Guide to Daytop New Jersey

    Daytop New Jersey Overview

    Daytop New-Jersey is one of the best health services in New Jersey. The institution always aims to provide the best service while maintaining its effectivity and making it accessible. The institution believes in the heart of service and has a passion for helping restore the quality of life the patients want to achieve. Daytop New Jersey works with families and communities as well. It also has a long history of serving numerous people and helping them in their needs. They are equipped with years of experience in helping people struggling with addiction and always makes sure that the patients are given continuous care. This includes residential treatment for adolescents, outpatient treatment for adolescents and adults, and for students who are in Grade 6 to 12, recovery-based day school are given, as well as halfway house for adult women. Patients in Daytop New Jersey are treated with proven concepts and methods to ensure a fast, efficient and successful recovery.

    The patients are evaluated in order to point out their specific needs. The institution understands that each individual has different pacing of recovery and different needs. In Daytop New Jersey, a type of program called the Twelve Step Program is used. The institution also believes that positive peer interaction will greatly boost a person’s recovery. Treatments are carefully planned and cases such as experiencing an emotional and mental problem during the recovery process are also addressed. This includes conflict resolution, anger management, depression, and anxiety. Families are also encouraged to participate in the treatment process as it would be a great boost for a person’s recovery and encourage self-help. The speed of recovery of a person will always depend on how much he wanted to achieve recovery.


    The different programs that Daytop New Jersey offers are the following:

    • Family Support
    • Outpatient Treatment
    • Residential Treatment
    • The Academy
    • Crawford House
    1. Family Support

    Daytop New Jersey has an association called Daytop Family Association which was formed by parents back in the days to help other parents on how to handle the parenting of their children who is a substance abuser. This had helped create a culture of understanding rather than the usual pitfall which makes their child feel like no one understands them. Soon, many had noticed that those children whose parents support them in their recovery and visit them often had successful recovery compare to those who did not. Daytop believes that family participation is important to help children in their treatment and considers it mandatory. Most children depend on their parents a lot and it would be a significant factor for their parents to be there. The main goal of the Family Association is to encourage a supportive environment as well as give informational seminars to the family members of individuals who are having addiction problems. This gives them ideas on how to respond correctly to their child’s behavior

    1. Outpatient Treatment

    Daytop New Jersey offers two outpatient treatment. One is for adolescents and the other is for adults. The treatment for adolescents is available in Hunterdon, Morris, and Ocean counties. The institution has therapists equipped with years of experience in helping young people to deal with their struggles with substance abuse and mental health challenges. Every single patient is evaluated and assessed for the institution to be able to create the best treatment plan for a fast and efficient recovery. The treatment plan includes individual, group and family counseling which can be done three to five times a week for around three hours per day. It is also possible for patients to attend Daytop New Jersey academy if the patient wants an alternative on residential treatments.

    1. Residential TreatmentIn Daytop New Jersey, patients have their own individual therapist whom they work with. They would either recieve individual or group therapy. The institution understands that the relationship of the therapist with the patient is an important factor for the recovery of the patient. Each patient also has a case manager that works with the therapist which is done to help ensure that goals are achieved and progress is communicated to the family. During school hours, patients can also go to the psychologist in Daytop New Jersey Academy as well as consult the counselor. Patients are continuously evaluated by the psychiatrist during their stay to ensure that every important step in the recovery is being accomplished. Parents and families are expected to support their children in the treatment process because it will greatly boost a child’s morale and speed up recovery.
    2. The AcademyThe Academy offers numerous courses on different subjects such as Math, Science, History, English, Health, Physical Education, Art, and languages including Spanish, German, Latin, and French. The curriculum is based on the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS). The teachers usually provide academic planning for each individual. Students attend the school for full time and they are given access to technologies they can use for faster learning such as a computer, laptops, and tablets. Every friday, the students can choose a program which sparks their interest and participates in it. During that day, usually, there are motivational speakers who will visit and talk to them. The school also has a counselor which helps the students should they experience a problem. The guidance office also assists students in their preparation for college.


    1. The Crawford House

    Crawford HJouse is a housing treatment for women who are in the early stage of their recovery from drug addiction and substance abuse. It is a well-managed clinic with a comforting environment that is beneficial to the patient. The women are supplied with their basic needs such as food, transprortation and shelter. Crawford House provides the patients with education, treatment as well as informing them on how they could continue a lifestyle free from substance abuse. Crawford House was built in 1978 by Betty Koehler, Edward Crawford, Marian Anderson, and other community members. This house had provided drug and alcohol treatments for those women who are suffering from addiction and wanted to live again a normal life.

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