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    Guide to Capo by The Sea in San Juan Capistrano California

    Capo by the Sea Program Overview

    Capo by the Sea offers private and premier drug and alcohol detox, residential or inpatient, and outpatient treatment programs. The treatment programs are evidence-based, comprehensive, and holistic providing a full spectrum of recovery to our clients. Capo by the Sea’s professional treatment team brings extensive experience treating addiction and dual diagnosis conditions and provide customized treatment plans for each client based on their unique history and conditions. They help you build a solid path in recovery and a foundation for a lifelong sobriety. They provide several alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, including drug interventions, residential detox centers, alcohol rehab, heroin treatment, outpatient drug treatment, and executive treatment.

    Capo by the Sea accepts most private health insurance plans. They provide a free insurance verification and will review your substance abuse benefits with you. They will provide an overview of levels of care and payment options for those who will private pay. They also provide financing options for those who need additional assistance to help cover treatment. Call 888-969-9560 to discuss your options.

    Capo by the Sea Alcohol Detox

    The alcohol treatment program at Capo by the Sea is fully immersive and provides 24-hour support plus a variety of therapeutic activities that will guide you into your solid path to sobriety.

    The first stop is at the admissions office where they conduct a thorough intake process. With clinical assessment tools, a clinician will gather important information through an interview to help design an individualized treatment program that is specific to your needs.

    After the initial assessment, the medically managed detox program is given to avoid the unpredictable health risks of withdrawal. Capo by the Sea offers a supervised medical detox program where your vital signs, withdrawal symptoms, and progress will be closely monitored all throughout the process. Their team of detox health professionals will provide medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms, making you as comfortable as possible.

    Along with their detox program, they offer psychotherapy for examination and processing of some contributing factors in the alcohol addiction such as underlying pain from past trauma, abuse, loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, or other sources of emotional pain. Individual therapy sessions and group therapy will guide you in creating new healthy thoughts and responses when confronted by triggers or stressors in the future. Regularly practicing these new responses will eventually develop into habit and help you stay on track in recovery.
    Capo by the Sea provides the care of the compassionate, highly trained professionals to offer the very best treatment and support available while recovering from alcoholism. Their treatment team will guide you through during the recovery journey, offering their knowledge and expertise while treating you with respect and dignity. Contact their admissions specialist now at 888-969-9560 and begin your path to new life.

    Capo by the Sea Drug Detox

    The initial phase of receiving treatment for a drug disorder involves detoxification, or the expelling from the body of the related chemicals and toxins from the substance. A medical detoxification allows the individual to manage the withdrawal symptoms that will emerge during the detox process.

    Most of the discomforts of detox can be reduced during a medical detox. The intense flu symptoms of an opioid or heroin detox, for example, can be managed with a variety of medications, helping the individual overcome the discomforts.

    In some cases, medications can be prescribed during the later days of detox, depending on the substance of abuse and how many days of sobriety are required before it can begin. These drugs, such as Suboxone, buprenorphine, and methadone, can prevent drug or alcohol cravings, reducing the risk of relapse. These drugs may be used for a maximum of one year to best ensure a successful long-term recovery result.

    Most detoxifications are completed within one week. However, benzodiazepine detox tapering process may take two weeks to avoid serious withdrawal complications. The addiction specialists who are overseeing the medical detox are available for counseling as needed for any psychological symptoms that may develop.

    Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and insomnia are associated with several substances of abuse during detox and withdrawal. The therapists can also offer support for the patient to stay on the course and not give up, as well as to help prepare the individual for the next phase of treatment.

    After medical detoxification, a treatment program will be given methodically change the addictive behaviors that have developed over time. This treatment will consist of a number of therapeutic activities that work together to create a comprehensive approach to ending addictive behaviors.

    If you are considering getting help for a drug addiction, please call the admissions team of Capo By the Sea at 888-969-9560 to arrange for your medical detoxification. Start your recovery safely with a medically monitored detox.

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