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    Bradford Health Services – The Reprieve Program Overview

    It is a given fact that coping up with substance or alcohol addiction is already hard in and of itself. Aside from destroying a person’s health inch by inch, the individual suffers from an irrational and selfish view of life itself. Therefore, an environment that fosters hope, faith and improvement are cultivated inside The Reprieve as individuals start their journey towards sobriety.

    The approach of Bradford Health Services to treating a patient involves three core values that need to be instilled. A spiritual rising along with self-improvement to collaborate with the community in a productive manner. The Reprieve’s philosophy revolves around establishing healthy relationships to the community and awareness in oneself.

    With a unique 12-step discipline, a person that is reformed through spirituality, fellowship and the internal change shall emerge from the depths of sins and greed.


    Addiction can hit anyone. From your struggling co-worker to an aimless teen, there’s more to what meets the eye when it comes to substance use and alcohol consumption. The tendency to depend on it is varied and may be influenced by family circumstances, sense of belongingness in the community, lack of direction and goals in life and medical concerns.

    The Reprieve is always welcome to those that may have the following symptoms:

    • Men and Women Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Addiction
    • Men and Women that are struggling with a consistent follow-through of the 12-step program
    • Men and Women having a hard time joining the workforce or entering college once again
    • Mena and Women that don’t have goals in life and those who can’t seem to be trusted


    The Reprieve’s approach to a holistic recovery revolves around three central concerns. These are the spiritual connection, community belongingness, and self-improvement.

    • Spiritual Connection

    There is no doubt that when a person is young, his Faith is strong and unwavering. However, being exposed to difficulties and traumatic experiences may lose or break the bond between God and humanity. An individual turns and depends on instant relief, therefore, letting go of what may happen in the future.

    The Reprieve, focus on establishing the connection is made to shed light upon the Goodness of The Almighty. In no time, the individual will feel grateful and hopeful, values that one needs to survive the cruel and harsh surroundings.

    • Community belongingness

    People that rely on the immediate effect of alcohol and substance abuse may push people away and out of their lives. They do it by isolating themselves or forcing people to leave them alone while they do their dirty deed. The forged relationships will eventually turn cold, and other persons may harbor negative emotions toward an individual that needs help and understanding.

    With the help of The Reprieve, they can help a person reconnect not just with his family members but be a part of a community as well.

    •  Self-Improvement

    Once the dawn of substance or alcohol addiction sets in a person, his moral compass becomes blurry and he is deemed incapable of making sound judgments. What’s worse is that a person loses his identity amongst the chaos he is currently sinking on.


    We believe that each person is entitled to a chance if he decides to take over his life and let go of bad things that’ll destroy his credibility and his overall well-being. The Reprieve offers programs that will enhance a person’s skills and talents so that he can direct positive energy towards other productive tasks.

    • Career Exploration And Readiness

    One great activity in The Reprieve is to make sure that an individual is employable. A collaboration with Southern Union State Community College, an individual is assessed on his work values, interests, past school or employment experiences. Also, a personality exam is given to The Reprieve’s residents to guide their career choice.

    Moreover, a complete and thorough guidance and application is done through the exercises of the mock interview to gauge a resident’s employability, along with a detailed resume and advice from experts to successfully follow-through in the process.

    • Community Service

    An initiative where The Reprieve’s residents give back and offer service to the center’s partner organizations, it aims to eliminate selfishness and instill the value of giving and sacrifice.

    • Balanced and Healthy Living

    In this process, a resident gets ahold of his material possessions and is guided into threading the pieces of his life back together. This activity aims to establish a routine of healthy, selfless and holistic activities in an individual’s life. The Reprieve prides itself in a family-oriented setting. They believe that in such a crucial transition, the help of family and friends are needed and most appreciated.


    In terms of activities, here is a quick run-down on what happens inside The Reprieve.

    • Once the day begins, residents will start by helping on household chores and preparing a heartwarming breakfast for all to enjoy.
    • Thirty minutes of guided mindfulness meditation is done to address and confront negative energies within an individual. The goal of this activity is to see the reality for what it truly is and employ and even develop productive means of dealing with unwanted thoughts and unpleasant memories
    • After the mindfulness activity, the 12-step presentation begins. In this step, every learning and new knowledge acquired is applied to a resident’s life.
    • Once the 12-step presentation is done, lunch is served. Then, residents are free to play, create, and even take a nap in a provided sports complex and aquatics center.
    • A meeting is then held to openly discuss ideas and to identify weak points for improvement.
    • Every evening, each resident is required to attend and participate in the 12-step meeting.
    • The last part of a resident’s day is Accountability exercise. A group of 3-4 residents gather around and pinpoint a particular patient’s self-destructive behaviors. Then, the group members will strategize on a plan to eliminate the mentioned behaviors, and the resident is accountable in completing the program.

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